Friday, July 09, 2021

4th of July Scuba Bash

4th of July Scuba Bash

Always a good time.  This year, I dove with Tim and had a rougher dive.  I accidentally unscrewed his transmitter trying to verify tank was on.  Then we got lost several times.  Finally, I lost my compass at the outset.

Still it was good practice.

They always give out prizes.  This year they had (3) dive computers including a Shearwater Peregrine.

Over the years, I have one some fun items:

2016 - XS Scuba gear bag, never used
2017 - Tusa Fins, traded in to offset Atomic SS1
2020 - Akona Backback, never used
2021 - SP Gadgets GoPro holder and case, will likely never use.  Retail $60, sell on Ebay?

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