Thursday, August 26, 2021

Organizing the Garage

Our new house has three deep garage bays.  The width is tight and it definitely would not qualify as oversized.  That being said, it is a tremendous amount of room for me as we own two cars, no motorcycles or big toys and do not work on cars often enough to keep a tool set or even work bench in the garage.

Our garage storage consists of landscaping equipment and materials, outdoor sports equipment, folding chairs and a surprising amount of motor oil and auto detailing projects.  There are also (6) bicycles in the garage.  I have (2) road bikes and a gravel bike, my wife has her cruiser and both of my daughters have mountain bikes.  Finally, we currently have our trash and recycling bins in the garage (these may move outdoors at some point).  

My wife parks in the garage everyday and is currently enjoying the luxury of encroaching over two bays rather than squeezing against the wall.  This would be a challenge in the short term as we seem to have a constant stream of large cardboard boxes that go to recycling every other week.

The third bay is earmarked for my home gym and is set up as such.  It could be modified to move everything to the back wall and fit a car in the final bay as well.  Considering three months have gone by without any lifting, this is becoming a real possibility.  One real perk of a dedicated bay is that there is no longer gym equipment strewn all through the house.  It is contained for the most part in the garage.

The opportunity to downsize belongings still exists.  As I no longer have any gas powered lawn equipment, I really do not need (2) gas cans.  I could also do a sweep of bulkier gym equipment.

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