Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Dive Knife

Without fail, my best purchases are premium daily use products that are not skill dependent.  For example, the Yeti Coffee Tumbler is hands down the best purchase I have made in several years.  Golf driver for nearly 10X the cost was not as good a purchase.

However, I still enjoy having nice things.  

I started researching EDC knives and then gravitated to the Benchmade H2O dive knife ($120 to $140)

From there, I took a turn to river knives and spotted the Gerber River Shorty ($30) and the Gerber Crossriver Salt ($40).  These are both highly recommended, but the common criticism is the sheath.

I also reviewed Spyderco knives, but was not a fan at the price point.

I 100% concede that my knife use on the water, under the water or on the shore will be mostly cutting fruit, possibly fishing line and use as a screwdriver.  In over 40 dives, I have never even thought it would be nice to have a knife on me.  On at least 20 canoe, kayak, raft and stand up paddle board adventures, having an accessible knife was never a priority.  When I go fishing, I keep a kitchen knife in my tackle box.

I will still probably get the Gerber Crossriver Salt.  At the $40 price point, losing it is not the end of the world and even if the sheath falls apart on me, it would still make for a good camp knife.

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