Sunday, September 12, 2021

Hill People Gear

I am by no means a prepper.  I respect and admire people who can always be prepared for daily life and the worst at a drop of a hat.

A friend of mine that I used to train with was recently in a situation where someone was stealing his car early in the morning.  He leapt to action and would have able been able to stop the situation had he been more comfortable running around without shoes on.  Now he trains for that eventuality.

I have a ton of emergency/safety gear, but it is scattered about the house.  I have first aid gear, water bottles, compass, knives, rain jacket, communications, etc.  They are not in one place, nor were they purchased for an emergency.  The first aid gear is handy for cuts and scrapes. The water bottles are scattered.  The compass is with camping gear.  Knives are thrown in drawers.

I got turned on to a chest rig as it seems like the most convenient way to stash quick access stuff and my original motivator was a ski pack with an external radio holder and room for hand warmers, chap stick, trail map and EDC items.

Then I got to thinking about being out in the field and wanted a notebook and pen, reading glasses, sunglasses, sunscreen and usb charger.

By the time I got around to actually researching them, Hill People Gear sells a variety of chest rigs for everyone from Search and Rescue Teams to Long Distance Runners.  They seem to have started with front concealed carry, but now people kit them out an infinite number of ways.

The kit I develop will be stashed near the door and be ready to go at a moments notice.  I will start by grabbing and consolidating stuff around the house.  Then I will create a list and check things off.  I will not include weapons in my first iteration.

The most popular bag is from Hill People Gear.  The Search and Rescue model is a reasonable $133.  Just $8 more than the original.  It comes in a variety of colors, but my favorite is manatee with black trim.

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