Friday, September 10, 2021

Everyday Carry (EDC)

I am still not sure how I got it in my head, but I have been watching knife videos and that got me interested in everyday carry (EDC).

As the name implies, that amounts to items a man carries every day.  For me that is currently limited to:
  • Personal mobile phone
  • Professional mobile phone
  • Wallet
  • Watch
  • House Keys
  • Car Keys
  • Cash
  • Medications - cough drops, Imodium, Lactaid
  • Mask
I feel like there is some room for consolidation on the keys side.  I have always kept these separate as I have owned multiple vehicles and also have a vehicle for work and would rather not carry all the keys all the time.

For medications, I have usually just repurposed a mint box which works just fine.  My EDC meds should just be reduced to Imodium and I can find a cleaner small solution.

Everyday carry will also often include sunglasses, knife, multi-tool, flashlight, bag and pen.

I own plenty of sunglasses and prefer to just keep a pair in the car or grab a pair when I am heading out the door to exercise.

I only grab a flashlight for camping and night work.  Otherwise, I tend to use the flashlight on my phone.

I usually have a pen within arms reach and tend to grab a disposable blue Bic pen.

My bag is a GORUCK GR1 that I use for work.

I need to add reading glasses to this list.  I am frequently unable to read menus or other items when I am out and about.

With all of that said, we can return to the knife topic that kicked this post off.  I own quite a few knives and some have a backstory.
  • Gerber Dime Travel - purchased when I was traveling for Liberty and my Gerber Dime was confiscated
  • Buck 525 - received as a wedding present intended for everyday carry
  • Swiss Army Knife - don't remember when I got this
  • Gerber Bear Grylls Pocket Tool - purchased this for cheap online
  • NRA - received as membership gift
  • Kershaw 1560ST Whirlwind Partially Serrated Knife by Ken Onion - I got this at the mall around 1999 or 2000 to use as a hunting knife.  It saw the inside of one pheasant, but has otherwise been thrown in a drawer.
With all of those excellent choices in mind, I still find myself gravitating towards cheap folding box cutters for occasional carry.  

That being said, I have been perusing Benchmade automatic knives.  I am looking for a side opening knife, but really should touch and feel more of these.  Online the Casbah, 8551SBK Mediator and 9400BK Auto Osborne jump out at $205, $295 and $280 respectively.

While on the website, the Fixed Dive Knife caught my eye at $140.  I will unfortunately probably buy this knife as I have been perusing dive lights and dive knives and have really been searching for the best of the best.  I like that it is fixed, comes with a sheath and has a spot to attach a lanyard.  The only reason to rush this purchase is that Benchmade discontinues models frequently.  The folding Griptilian 551H20 knife has been discontinued (no harm as it was a sharp tip).  I considered Spyderco knives, but I really want a blunt tip.

The Benchmade Triage is really nice and could serve as a dive knife given that it is N680 steel as well, but manual opening.  $215 is certainly steep for a knife, but $10 for personalization is a nice touch.

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