Friday, September 10, 2021

Opinel Savoie France

After my EDC debacle, I wrapped my head around an actual need.  I would like a travel pairing knife and several forums recommend Opinel.  They are offered in several sizes:

No. 6 - 7 cm
No. 7 - 8 cm
No. 8 - 8.5 cm

I opted for the No. 8 as it closely matches my Mundial which I really like.

The are also offered in a variety of handles from Beech (cheapest) to Oak and Olive and even exotics.  I opted for Olive as it had a cool look.

I am not tough on knives so I am not going to go through extremes of waterproofing or weatherproofing the handle.

I opted for Stainless rather than Carbon steel for corrosion resistance.

The knife was a very reasonable $24, so I added a stone ($9) and a 4" serrated Paring knife ($9) to get free shipping.

The goal is to have something to take on trips when we are traveling by car or checking a bag.  I like to be able to cut fruit and have my "own" knife when on the road.  It would be very suitable for camping and picnicking.  I intend to leave it locked open and get a feel for using it at home.

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