Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Eddie Bauer Shopping

I often get roped into shopping at Eddie Bauer because they periodically send out $10 rewards.  I really like their clothing, but have been in a holding pattern where I really do not need any new clothes.

I went to Colorado Mills and was impressed by the Outlet offerings.  The styles were great as usual, but the sizes were limited.  I need 36x32 pants, XL shirts and 9.5 shoes.

After coming up empty for most of the store, I found some great hiking pants.  The Top Out Ripstop Pants (regularly $70, 50% off and then $10 rewards ended up at $25 plus tax) fit me perfectly in size large and allow good range of motion.  They would have been the perfect quick dry pant for the canyoneering we did in Zion.

I am still debating whether or not to get the Travel Blazer.  These are soft packable jackets that I have looked at a number of times.  Regularly $149, they are on clearance for $29.  I have looked at these a number of times and really like the styling, but cannot imagine a scenario where I would where it.  The picture I have in my head is a nice outdoor dining setting in a tropical climate, but I have never done that, nor do I plan to.

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