Monday, October 18, 2021

Kitchen Cabinet Pull-Out Wire Baskets

We have been in the new house for 5 months and I finally got around to installing some pull-out baskets.  I purchased these from Lowes and went with the Rev-A-Shelf product line.
  • Two-Tier Cookware Organizer - $139 - Absolutely amazing product.  It is tremendously easier to get pans out and put them away and the lid caddy is really slick as well.  Rated as 20 minute install, took me 94 minutes.
  • Two-Tier Pull-Out Baskets - $110 - Meh.  A good product and certainly maximizes storage.  Rated as 20 minute install, took me 34 minutes.
  • Single Pull-Out Basket - $50.  This is what I expected to put in everywhere, but wanted to try some other stuff.  Rated as 5 minute install, took me 21 minutes.
I certainly hate to drop $300 on shelving just to be able to own and store more stuff that we do not need often, but I am really happy with these purchases.

Our remaining cabinets could benefit from some organization as well.  I am planning on getting one more 11.5" basket for $50.  I would also like to get a 14.5" basket for $55.  I am debating under sink solutions.  I may go with an 11.5" wide version there as well.

I am also looking at drawer organizers, but at 12.5" wide and 9.5" wide there are not a lot of options.  2.75" high is a limiting factor as well.

For hanging towels, I am considering magnet hooks from Amazon.  There is an amazing array of offerings from $1/hook and up in weight supported listed from 20# to 100#.  I think I am going to try a set at 50#.  6 hooks at $2.50 each.  They will be used to hold towels.

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