Monday, October 18, 2021

REI Shopping

I made it over to REI to start shopping for my small wish list of outdoor gear.

Teva Sandals - Size 9 is perfect, I will pay the $100 for the more durable sole.  In stock at Lakewood REI.  I will buy these before my next "water" trip or if they come on sale.

Hiking Boots - I like the Topo Athletic Trailventure Size 10.  These are $140 (waterproof version is $160) have a Vibram sole, generous toe box and are ideal for the light hiking and occasional 14'er that I may do in the future.  Probably purchase from REI if/when Ratna and I start training for a 14'er.  The colors are a bit much (Navy or Orange).  Otherwise a very cool design and extremely light weight.  I also tried on Altria, but really want to avoid zero drop shoes.

Arcteryx Beta AR and Beta LT hard shell.  Size L is the right size, but it is a trim fit and if I put on another 10lb or really want to layer up, this shell will not work for me.  Priced at $479 and $399 respectively the price point is OK.  I want to try the Patagonia and Mountain Hardware Jackets.

Patagonia 40L duffle - $139 and looks as good as advertised.  I will likely pick one of these up prior to my next trip.

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