Thursday, November 18, 2021

Holiday Shopping

It seems like I have been going nuts with buying stuff for myself.  

In the last several weeks I have bought:

back extension - $180
35# dumbbell pair - $65
rogue multi-use hanger - $50
titan multi-angle shelf - $100

nail files - $10
toaster oven sheet - $10
screws and washers - $20 (need to return)

compression cuffs (12") - $20
compression cuff (11") - $15
lifting straps - $10

coin book (Mughal numismatics) - $80

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro - $450

Patagonia 40L Duffle - $110


$1120 and counting

It feels like there is no end in site.  I have even been considering buying a new television.

Meanwhile, I have got absolutely zero ideas on stuff to buy for Ratna and the girls.

Ratna - Clothes for work, computer accessories, office chair, standing desk, plastic mat

Diya - School clothes, new computer, new phone

Nisha - School clothes,

As far as adventures, I would still like to do iFly with the family and archery lessons.  Maybe we could do rock climbing lessons at Earth Treks.

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