Wednesday, December 01, 2021

New (to me) LG Television and Pioneer AV Receiver

I have been managing in the basement just fine with my circa 2009 40" RCA television (model L40FHD51Y9, 720P).  I am not much of an audiophile, but I did have it paired with a circa 2001 Harmon Kardon AV120 receiver.  Note the date as that was before the popularity of HDMI connections.

I came across a Pioneer AV Receiver VSX-823-K for $85.  This receiver was released in 2013 to reasonable reviews.  Street price per CNET was $400.  It was purchased new from Best Buy by Jim Eigner (who I purchased it from via Facebook Marketplace).  Current receivers start at $300 and go up quickly from there.

The same seller also had an LG 55LH90 television for sale.  This was manufactured in October 2009 at an MSRP of $2700 and was on sale down to $2000 according to Best Buy.  It had pretty good reviews as well.  This was being offered at $120.  New televisions at Costco start around $500 and go up quickly from there.

I decided to purchase both items for $200, taking Jim's word that they worked fine to the best of his knowledge.  I will say that set up was a breeze (aside from the weight of the television) everything was pretty straight forward.

The picture and sound quality were exactly what I expected and now the big decision is what to do with my older electronics.  I am fairly comfortable selling the receiver, but one of the children may be getting a new television.

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