Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Blood Type

I feel like I should have known my blood type.  I knew that I was O, but could not remember if it was O+ or O-.  I could have asked my doctor to check or donated blood or combed through my medical history.

Instead, I ordered some Eldoncard INC Blood Type Test cards from Amazon.  $32.99 for a 5-pack or just over $6.50 per kit.

They were easy to use and I quickly confirmed I was O+ and will start including this as part of my emergency contact information.  I also tested my 13 year old daughter's blood type and she was also O+.  Given that my wife is O+, it is extremely unlikely that my 14 year old is anything but O+, but it would be pretty easy to check.

All in all it was money well spent and a fun little exercise to do at home.  Of course, if I do not use the other 3 kits, it works out to $16.50 each for me and my 13 year old to verify our blood type.

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