Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Recurve Bow

Since taking my introductory lesson, I have been back out to Bear Creek Archery 3 times.

Initial Lesson - $25
Practice 1 - $10 rental, $8 range, $40 shooting glove and arm guard
Practice 2 - $10 rental, $30 (5 punch pass, 1 of 5 used)
Practice 3 - $10 rental, (5 punch pass, 2 of 5 used)

I am getting closer to purchasing a bow.  When I was at the shop, the bow tech recommended the Galaxy Solstice which is $250 (I need to see if it comes in a left hand configuration).  Galaxy Bronze Star Limbs would be another $100.  String would be $20.  He also recommended Intrepid arrows which are $6 each.  I would be a dozen arrows for $72.  Going 3-4 times per month, I break even on rentals at about 6 months.  If I start going to Bear Creek Lake Park, then I am saving the $8 lane as well and would break even sooner.

This set up allows me to practice consistently and build strength.  If I decide to take it more seriously, the riser accepts sites and stabilizers.  It would also accept stiffer limbs.  If I were to move up in weight, I would certainly consider foam core limbs.

Forged risers are supposed to be better than machine risers.  Most are made of aluminum with cut outs to reduce weight.  I have also seen them made from magnesium.

I have no brand loyalty at this point.

In terms of color scheme, I like the anodized red finish and would then complement that with black fittings for arrow rest, etc.

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