Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Civil Air Patrol

My daughter joined the Civil Air Patrol this summer and got her first promotion to Cadet Airman.

First Trial Night - 7/25/2022 (Dakota Ridge), 7/27/2022 (Green Mountain)

Phase I - The Learning Phase
Cadet Airman Basic (8/22/2022) - signed up for Dakota Ridge unit
Cadet Airman (9/26/2022) - promotion night
Cadet Airman First Class (11/28/2022) - promotion night
Cadet Senior Airman (1/30/2023) - promotion night
Cadet Staff Sergeant (2/27/2023) - promotion night

Phase II - The Leadership Phase
Cadet Technical Sergeant (5/22/2023) - promotion night
Cadet Master Seargeant
Cadet Senior Master Sergeant
Cadet Chief Master Sergeant (11/27/2023) - promotion night
Cadet Second Lieutenant

Phase III - The Command Phase
Cadet Second Lieutenant
Cadet First Lieutenant
Cadet Captain

Phase IV - The Executive Phase
Cadet Captain
Cadet Major
Cadet Lieutenant Colonel
Cadet Colonel

I am certainly getting ahead of myself, but she could make substantial progress in 3 years.  She is definitely enjoying it and I hope she sticks with it.

Chief was an important milestone for her.  She will have to attend an encampment in order to be an officer in the Civil Air Patrol.

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