Sunday, September 25, 2022

Class Rings

My daughter just got her Josten's Class Ring order package.  The timing was interesting as I just grabbed my Dad's North Carolina State University class ring from Memphis.

I have had a few opportunities to buy a class ring, but never took advantage of them.  My glory days could arguably have been in High School and I designed a ring for fun, featuring Cross Country and Track as well as academics.  

While college rings can be just as extravagant, the official class rings are quite simple.  I certainly have the strongest attachment to Purdue, getting my BS in Mechanical Engineering from there in a standard four year curriculum.  At Northwestern, I earned an MS in Biotechnology in a one year curriculum.  Finally at the University of Colorado, I earned an MBA as part of an evening program for working professionals over the course of three years.

Germantown High School and University of Colorado sell rings through Jostens.  Purdue and Northwestern sell rings through Balfour.  Among college class rings, Northwestern is the nicest, with Purdue a distant second and CU's downright weird.  High School rings are pretty standard and in retrospect, a high school class ring would be pretty cool even if it were not worn often.

Ring Size
Ring Finger - 9.5
Pinky Finger - 6.5 (left) 7.0 (right)

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