Saturday, December 10, 2022

StellarXplorers Competition

The StellarXplorers National Space Design Competition challenges teams of students to put their skills to the test in all-things space design. Open to students in grades 6-12, teams must solve orbit planning, satellite component, and launch vehicle selection scenarios presented in a series of online competition rounds

CyberPatriot’s National Youth Cyber Defense Competition challenges teams of high school and middle school students to find and fix cybersecurity vulnerabilities in virtual operating systems. Using a proprietary competition system, teams are scored on how secure they make the system. Top teams advance through the online round of competition, and the best of the best advance to the in-person National Finals Competition.
Each team has two challenges during their six-hour competition period:
Network Security Challenge: involves finding and fixing security vulnerabilities in Windows and Linux operating systems.
Cisco Networking Challenge: consists of an online quiz and a virtual networking exercise based on specific training materials.

My eldest daughter has no shortage of activities.

In addition to participating in Civil Air Patrol, Mock Trial and Stage crew for the school play, she has recently taken up StellarXplorers and CyberPatriot.  I had never heard of either of them, but it seems competitive in a nerdy kind of way.  I am happy she is finding her tribe and trying new things.

I did forget to mention that she is part of the 3A State Champion D'Evelyn Marching band and a Violist in the High School Advanced Orchestra.

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