Thursday, November 10, 2022

I'm Alright

You ever ask a man how he's doing and he says "I'm alright" 

I'm here to tell you, that man is not alright. That man is battling demons that you can not even possibly imagine. That man is struggling every single day to find a reason to keep going and the reason we say we're alright is because as a man nobody really cares  what you're going through, so why even bother to say it. 

But you know what, I feel you brother, because... I'm alright too.

Quote and Image from Oilfield Now (Facebook)

I am constantly filled with gratitude for all of the incredible people in my life, good fortune, opportunities and God's grace.  This quote and image did hit home for me personally and for people in my life who suit up and show up for life everyday sometimes because of and sometimes despite of their personal demons.

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