Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Career Transitions

Most of my career transitions have always had an inciting incident:

1989 - Started Engineering at Purdue with strong math and science skills
1991 - Wanted to pursue medicine and added Pre-Med electives
1993 - Rejected from medical programs, started Biotech at Northwestern to improve grades
1994 - Started Medical school at Indiana University
1997 - Withdrew due to alcohol related disciplinary issues
1997 - Job hopped from liquor store, Red Lobster, Hauser Chemical, Feiger Health Center
1997 - Landed job at StorageTek via a temp service, started as a manufacturing engineer
2000 - Internally recruited to product design
2003 - Started MBA after completing PE license and being inspired by colleagues
2006 - Finished MBA and transferred to Program Management
2017 - Laid off by Oracle and took first available job at Liberty Oilfield Services
2018 - Burned out by travel and long hours and took first job offer at CDOT design and construction
2022 - Looking for a change of pace and applied internally/externally R1, West Program, HQ
2023 - Intend to start in Traffic & Safety as the first available job offer

From the age of eighteen, I have either been in school or working continuously with the longest gap being in 2017.  I have not left a job without another in hand by choice.  

Historically, I have gotten cynical, taken my work less seriously, found myself going through the motions and making mistakes and oversights.  This started at CDOT and then I found myself embroiled in personality conflicts and disagreements with my management chain.  This was my impetus for change.

The Traffic & Safety position will be an exciting challenge.  It will entail more coordinating and less technical work.  It is a lateral move and could give me more visibility to a long term landing place at CDOT.

I have always enjoyed puzzles and troubleshooting.  I prefer to work in a controlled environment.

That being said, I have been done my fair share of administrative tasks and worked in challenging environments.  I have worked behind the scenes and have been customer facing.

My professional life has never been a passion.  However, my education and employment history have created marketable skills that pay fairly and allow me to contribute to society.

Essentially, I have discovered that I have enjoyed learning and getting good at something and if that slows or stops, I want to do something else.  If practical, I would find myself working as an entry level employee for 4 years in 10 different career fields to generate a 40 year career.

I have been more inspired by my fitness hobbies.  Unfortunately, these would not drive my economic engine.  

I have considered a side hustle with personal training, financial advice and working as a coin dealer.  

These could transition into retirement as well.

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