Friday, April 07, 2023

Damn Yankees at the Arvada Center

Ratna and I had the opportunity to attend Damn Yankees at the Arvada Center.  This upbeat musical is based on a Joe Hardy, a middle age man, who desperately wants his Washington Senators to beat the New York Yankees and win the American League pennant.  He makes a deal with the devil, but ends up missing his old life with his loving wife.

The musical numbers were really fun and the play was well cast.  It was certainly suitable for all ages.  The most risque scenes involved a woman in the devil's employ who attempts to seduce Joe closer to his new life and further away from his old.

I did enjoy the production, but am still more of a fan of plays than musicals.  The caveat being if I really enjoy the musical genre.

Of note was the amazing athleticism of the cast.

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