Thursday, April 06, 2023

EDC Update

I dislike having a ton of stuff in my pockets.  However, I find myself more and more frequently being irritated by not having the right tools conveniently available at any given time.

My EDC is as follows:
  • Personal Cell
  • Professional Cell
  • Meds - Imodium, Lactaid, Cough Drops - Currently in a fairly large pill bottle.  My plan is to go with a slimmer model that could include just the Imodium and anxiety meds.
  • House Keys - (3) doors, (1) mail, (1) safe deposit box, (1) keychain card
  • Car Keys - (1) door, (1) rack, (1) keychain card
  • Cash in money clip
  • Chapstick
  • Wallet - (21) cards/ID
  • Watch - Garmin Fenix6
  • Belt - Simple leather
My additional considerations are:

pocket knife
cuticle cream
cuticle clippers
eye drops
eye glasses

Flashlight - My Samsung Galaxy S22 has a 100 lumen light.  I have considered Streamlight Microstream as it is 250 Lumens, rechargeable and $32.

Pen - I sometimes have a pen on me.

Multitool - I own some multitools, but rarely carry.  I am more strongly considering have a pen sized screwdriver in my daily carry.  Plyers are another popular item.

Keychain Tools - I like the idea of a prybar

Water bottle - Not a daily item for me.  I usually just grab plastic water bottles.

Medical Gear - I need to add a bandage and antibiotic cream

Lighters - Not a daily item for me.

Wallet Contents:

Driver's License**
Military ID**
Insurance card
AAA card
Delta Dental card
GEHA card**
Key Bank ATM**
Sapphire credit card**
Citi Costco card
Kroger card
USAA credit card
AMEX credit card
REI credit card
Target card
Sam's Club card
Business cards (3)
ANA card
Priority Pass
Goodwill Credit
Great Clips Gift card
Archery punch cards (2)

Of these (21) items, I could remove Sam's Club, ANA card, Priority Pass.

I have considered buying a Chums Surfshorts Wallet.  They are cheap ($11.99) and have nice features.  It would be my go everywhere wallet (splitting kind of like my house keys and car keys).

I also started researching pill bottles as my current bottle is quite large.  That is partially by design, but it would nice to have something slimmer.  I also would like to start carrying anxiolytic medications regularly.  The gold standard appear to be GUS.  These are medical grade stainless steel, made in the USA and indestructible.  There are a number of cheap aluminum and titanium alternatives on Amazon and from  I am going to stick with the buy once cry once philosophy.  If I like using the GUS products, I may pick up additional models.

UPDATE:  4/26/2023 - 

After a couple of weeks with the Chums wallet, I am sold.  Lightweight, comfortable in front pocket carry and easy to access and organized the few cards I use on a regular basis.  Large enough to hold everything with a little room to spare.  I have been carrying the GUS, but have not transferred over meds.  It will hold Imodium tablets or smaller pills and is durable and lightweight.

I am now considering a Keybar and a pocket organizer.  The Keybar ($40)would reduce the bulk of my keys and regular access is a non issue as the only key I use roughly once/week is my mailbox key, yet I do not feel comfortable leaving the house without a full set of keys.  The pocket organizer (Maxpedition Micro) would primarily be a replacement for the ziplock bag I currently use when I am wearing shorts or pants without pockets.  Enough space for wallet, keys, lip balm and does not appear to be too bulky.  From Maxpedition buy one get one free for $21.99 + $13.95 shipping or $20.48 with free shipping from Amazon.

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