Thursday, April 06, 2023

Facebook Marketplace - Scuba Fins

I have been diving Oceanic Viper fins for the last 10 years and they are great for local diving.  Very comfortable for flutter kick and have held up well.  They do not have spring heal straps and are relatively long and heavy and not entirely suitable for travel.  This has been a non-issue as I usually only travel with my mask and will occasionally bring my regulator and wetsuit.

However, I have been more strongly considering tech fins.  I like the smaller package and would like to develop a frog kick.  I still feel like the Apeks RK3 HD fins are the way to go.  They retail for $199.  I also recently came across this listing for Deep 6 Eddy Fins on Facebook Marketplace (retail $179, offered for $100).  The Large size should fit me and they would 100% meet my needs.  Seller claims two dives and that they did not fit.  They certainly appear to be in like new condition.

I reached out to Robert Daigle who listed them 4 weeks ago, but no response.

Turns out, Rob was on vacation in Mexico.  He reached out and met me at the Best Buy a few minutes from the house.  The fins were in new condition having been used for a couple of dives.  They fit well with my booties and I offered him $80 which he quickly accepted.  I am excited to give these a try this summer.

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