Thursday, May 11, 2023

BikeID Patron Tequila Bike

Listed on and off by Andre Meredith for a few weeks for $200.  Description is as follows:  "56cm frame Bikeid Custom PATRÓN TEQUILA Bike. SRAM Automatix 2 Speed Hub. Concor Saddle.  Has SRAM Automatix single gear. Super rare BikeID custom Patrón Tequila fixie bike. Has Concor S Marco Supercorsa seat. This bike was custom built for Patrón Tequila. This is a Scandinavian built bike sold in Europe. A similar bike is posted on eBay for $750"

It has a Tektro R359 front brake.  Kenda 700x25C tires.  Apparently the handlebar ends are cork.  It should have Beau Velo leather grips.  The SRAM gear is kind of interesting. In theory, it shifts at around 10 mph automatically.  The handlebars, stem, seat post, cranks, pedals, wheels are nothing to get excited about, but everything certainly seems functional.

I am looking for a bike to keep at the office and ride around downtown.  Ideally it would be a $100 bike that does not look like it is worth stealing.  The downside on this one is that it may look like it is worth steeling.  They have changed hands on the secondary market for around $500.  I am not particularly a fan of the Patron branding, but it is subtle and only evident on the head tube.

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