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Summer Activities for Kids

Growing up, I did not have many summer activities.  We played in the neighborhood, rode bikes and just goofed off.  I tried to piece the summers together the best I could going through my memorabilia archives and feel like I made a pretty good pass.


1985 - Post 8th Grade - Scout camp?
1986 - Post 9th - Family Trip to India? Gulf Shores trip?
1987 - Post 10th - Philmont Scout Trip
1988 - Post 11th - Studied for SAT, Creative Writing Program
1989 - Post 12th - worked at McDonald's, Memphis in May Triathlon
1990 - Post Freshman - Worked at Cafe Max
1991 - Post Sophomore - MCAT prep, Biochemistry at Memphis State, worked at Olive Garden
1992 - Post Junior - Volunteered at The Med, St Jude CRH (Plasmid Research)
1993 - Post Senior - St Jude CRH (DNA Screening, Phage libraries)
1994 - Finished up Northwestern Degree
1995 - Post Med School Year 1 - Research at Purdue University - Small Intestine Swine (SIS)
1996 - Post Med School Year 2 - Prepped for USMLE Part 1 in Memphis
1997 - Lost year after leaving medical school

By Comparison my daughters have enjoyed slightly more enriched summers.


2022 - Post 7th - St. Louis Trip, Mines STEM Camp, AUMC Drama Camp, Band Camp

2023 - Post 8th - Europe Trip, AFA Basketball Camp, Volunteer at Hospital? AUMC Drama Camp, Basketball Open Gym, Volleyball Open Gym


2021 - Post 8th - AUMC Drama Camp, Band Camp

2022 - Post 9th - St. Louis Trip, USAFA Legacy Camp, Mines STEM Camp, AUMC Drama Camp, Band Camp

2023 - Post 10th - Europe Trip, AFA Internship, Band Camp

I am not too worried about Dxxx.  She has a list of things she wants to do an try that is a mile long and she has developed a keen ability to reach out to teachers and other adults when she is interested in something and wants more information.  I am not sure when she developed these abilities, but I expect Nxxxx to have them as well and that may or may not be a reasonable expectation.  Nxxxx did run for Student Council and win a seat as a representative on her own.  She has followed up on volunteering at Children's Hospital.  I expect her to participate in high school activities because my older daughter did.

They are both also eligible to participate in Girls State the summer after their Junior year.  It is an excellent chance to meet with like minded girls around Colorado.  The camp is only one week and takes some of the pressure off of finding a summer job.

D'Evelyn Activities

Cyber Patriot - D
Mock Trial - D
Forensics/Speech & Debate
French Club
Latin Club - no longer an activity
Math Counts
Mu Alpha Theta (math tutoring) - D
Society of Women Engineers
Spanish Honor Society
Science Bowl
Anime-Manga Club
Glass Club
Bible Study
Sources of Strength - D
D'Evelyn Service Corps
Social Inclusion Club
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Fall Play
Stage Crew - D
Improve (D'Evelyn Disguise)
Student Council
Mentoring - D
National Honor Society - D
Student Voice
Marching Band
Orchestra - D
Color Guard - D, N
Choir - N
Chess Club
Knit and Crochet Club
Role Playing
Strategic Gamin
Water Painting Club

Miscellaneous Test Scores:

I came across these while looking through the archives

SAT 2/15/1988 - 540/700
SAT 10/21/1988 - 680/760
AP Chem - 4
AP Lit/Comp - 4
AP Calc A/B - 5
AP Comp Sci A - 5
AP Comp Sci A/B - 4
MCAT - 1991 - 27
MCAT - 1993 - 37
USMLE Part 1 - Pass - 198 - 81
GMAT - 2003 - 720

In 2022, the SAT had 2 million test takers with about 300 perfect scores and 3000 scores of 1580+

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