Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Girls High School Sports

With my daughters in entering high school, I am finally looking into high school sports, albeit late to the party.

Jefferson County offers:

Cross Country - V, JV
Volleyball Girls - V, JV, L3 and L4
Softball - V, JV
Field Hockey Girls (at Dakota Ridge) - Camp July 29-August 1 at University of Denver



Track & Field - They offer a winter track season
Soccer Girls - V, JV, L3
Tennis Girls - V, V2, JV
Lacrosse Girls (at Dakota Ridge)
Rugby Girls (at Denver East High School)

My 10th grader is primarily looking for a sport to round out her college applications.  Going into 11th grade, her options are limited to Cross Country, Track & Field, Tennis, Golf and possibly Field Hockey or Lacrosse.

My 8th grader is interested in sports in general, but has struggled to find her niche.  Going into 9th grade, everything is available to her if she wants to make a commitment and train.


My older daughter has also considered Kendo -
Pricing - 
$85/month - 14 and under
$90/month - 15 and over

Family Membership - 
1 Junior and 1 Adult - $165/month
2 Adults - $170/month

Shinai - $38
Anaka? - $50

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