Monday, May 08, 2023

Cervelo P2

After 15 years of on and off participating successfully in short course triathlons, I happened to come across a deal and took a look at a dedicated triathlon bike.

The 2010 Cervelo P2 boasts a carbon fiber frame, Dura Ace group set, Cobb saddle and Easton Aero training wheels.  It was a 56 cm frame which felt like it fit me pretty well.  

In 2010 the Ultegra and Shimano R500 wheels, this bike retailed for $2800 in 2010.  The upgrades would certainly push this to $3800+.  

I was dealing with the second owner of the bike who purchased it in 2017.  He had it tuned and fitted, raced it a couple of times and put on a few hundred training miles.  I am guessing he got a good deal on it and paid between $1200 and $1500 for the bike and then another $100 for a tune and $300 for a fit.

Flash forward, he was selling because he does not race anymore, but still enjoys running and biking.  He listed it for a reasonable $875 and I made what I thought was a lowball offer.  He accepted and threw in an extra set of pedals, new elbow pads for the aero bars and a Giro Air Attack helmet.

On the first test ride, the saddle was definitely low and a little forward.  The handling felt twitchy.  The shifting was smooth and the brakes adjusted well.  The 39/23 small gear certainly left something to be desired as I enjoy the 34/28 small gear on my road bike.  I had struggled needing a gear on my Pinarello which sports a 39/25.  The bike will be great for flat courses.

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