Saturday, July 29, 2023

5mm Wetsuit

I had the good fortune to come across a screaming deal on a 5mm NeoSport wetsuit being sold on Craigslist by a friendly gentleman named Dave.  We communicated only be email, but communicated quite effectively.  He also had a L shorty and L 3/2 mm wetsuit that I did not try on.  The 5 mm fit great and after offering $60, I paid the full asking price of $75.  Not bad for a wetsuit that has been well cared for, only worn twice and purchased in 2019.

He was selling because he lost 20 pounds and no longer dives fresh water.

It also fills an important hole in my wetsuit selection when my 3mm (2013) is too thin and my 7mm (2016) is too thick.  The price is right also.  These retail for $160 from and I would purchase locally incurring tax as well at another $12.

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