Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Tree Routine Maintenance

Honeylocust - Growing crooked, but pretty well established now.  Trim and adjust straps, can be done anytime.

Decorative Pear - Trim 15% of branches, should be done in November when dormant. 

Ash Tree - Trim 15% of branches, can be done anytime.

Pine Tree - Remove dead branches and lower branches.

Linden Trees - Trim 15% of branches, cable the splitting trunks?, treat for fungus and Japanese beetles.

Planting new tress is done in either the Spring or the Fall.  Eden Tree Service provides trees at wholesale cost without markup and charges a planting fee.  They recommend an arborvitae.

Regarding cost, the taller trees will be the most expensive, but they also require the most urgent care.

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