Thursday, January 04, 2024

London 2023

Choir at Cadogen Hall

Big Ben


Gym drop ins

Fireworks from the 23rd Floor

Tower Bridge

Fish and Chips

St Johns Waterloo Orchestra

English Breakfast

I had the pleasure of joining my wife and children for a few days in London.  We traveled separately but met up for the girls performances and some sight seeing.
  • Day 1 - Wednesday, December 27th depart Denver
  • Day 2 - Thursday, December 28th arrive London, visit the British Museum (highlight Rosetta Stone)
  • Day 3 - Friday, December 29th, visit Natural History Museum, Science Museum (highlight medical exhibit) and Victoria and Albert Museum, meet up at Ashu's house
  • Day 4 - Saturday, December 30th, Welwyn Garden City and orchestra performance at St John's Church in Waterloo
  • Day 5 - Sunday, December 31st, Sherlock Holmes Museum, Tower Bridge and fireworks
  • Day 6 - Monday, January 1st, LNYDP, Fish & Chips (better at The Mayfair Chippy)
  • Day 7 - Tuesday, January 2nd, Parliament, Cadogen Hall choir performance
  • Day 8 - Wednesday, January 3rd, return to Denver
The trip went off perfectly.  It was tricky to get around with trains, underground and buses, but Google Maps worked out really well.  The girls enjoyed the tour with their high school.  Ratna and I had no problem getting free tickets for all of their events.  I enjoyed the sight seeing.  There is a tremendous amount of history in the city and the museums are free and offer some of the finest collections in the world.

The accommodations were great and I really liked the Union Jack Club.  I did not sample too much local fair, but I did really like the sandwiches at our hotel and I tried fish and chips at two different venues.  I did enjoy English breakfast, but only took advantage of it once.  The gym was pretty standard and a pleasant surprise.  I did not attend any meetings.  Several of them were video meetings and the one I did try to drop in on was not at the address listed.

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