Sunday, February 11, 2024

What the Constitution Means to Me

I had the opportunity to take in a wonderful play at the Savoy Theater downtown.  "What the Constitution Means to Me" lived up to the Pulitzer Prize winning hype.  The play is set in the 1970's as a 15 year old girl competes in American Legion scholarship contests to raise money for college.  She is tasked with making a personal connection with the Constitution and does so with family history and personal decisions.  A big focus is on the 9th Amendment and the 14th Amendment Section 1.

The interpretation by the Supreme Court is also taken up and Roe v Wade and Castle Rock v Gonzales were particularly compelling arguments and certainly highlighted women's rights, domestic abuse and violence towards women in general.

The closing scenes were a flash to a real time debate on whether or not to abolish the constitution and create a new one.  It was cast by the lead actress and a 17 year old local high school student.  It was compelling as well.  The Constitution is one of the few world constitutions with negative rights rather than positive rights.

It drew uncomfortable parallels between the nations Founding Fathers and historic Supreme Court decisions that have aged well and the current Executive Branch, Congress and Supreme Court decisions.  I kind of want to watch it on Prime Video and show the kids.

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