Thursday, February 22, 2024

Dymo Rhino 6000

I had access to a label maker in my last job and I feel like it is a reasonably practical tool.  I brought it home and used to 3 ring binders, file folders and storage totes in a clean, functional manner.

Flash forward a couple of years.  I had not seen the need for a label maker in the last two years.  All of a sudden, I wanted one to be able to customize medals for an event I am hosting.  A simple 3 row label that says

CO Spring Fling
March 17, 2024
Women's Sr Champion

Four labels total with Men's/Women's/Jr/Sr.  While not as classy as engraving, certainly easier and sustainable.  Especially if I make an attempt to start recycling awards.

So I wanted a label maker.  As I used a Dymo Rhino 5200 in the past, I wanted to stick with that.  They are around $150 online and label reels are around $20 each.

Fortunately, I looked in the secondary market and a Dymo Rhino 6000 close to my house.  These have been discontinued and replaced with the 6000+ in 2017.  They can still be found on Amazon (new $415, used $215).  The seller (Kenneth Faherty) originally listed the item at $225, then dropped the price to $150.  He was willing to drop it another $25 and I picked it up for $125.  It came with the case and charging cable and had a 3/8" ribbon permanent vinyl (18443) still installed so I was able to test it.  It works great and I labeled a few 3-ring binders that I kept mixing up.

It can accommodate all ribbon sizes from 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" and prints between 1-5 lines depending on ribbon width.  I will likely pick up a 3/4" ribbon for the medals.  

Dymo Labels include:
Self Laminating - Protection from oils and solvents
Flexible Nylon - Wires, cables and rounded surfaces
Permanent Polyester - Shelves, bins, beams
Heat Shrink - Tubing
Industrial Vinyl - Indoor/Outdoor

Dymo branded tape is on the order of $20 per 3 meter cartridge.  Off brand compatible tape is typically $20 for a 5 pack of the same length.  

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