Saturday, June 22, 2024

Las Vegas Trip

Wednesday - 9 PM flight to Las Vegas, arrived on time, $15 shuttle to Cosmopolitan was tedious but fine, met my NJ buddy, chatted a bit and asleep by 12:30

Thursday - Woke up, breakfast at The Juice Standard (I had coffee and a muffin top), hung out at the 14th floor Chelsea pool.  Lunch at Lardo (I had the Hot Italian made vegetarian), headed to The Tuscany for Shakedown Street, bought a tee shirt, decline purchasing drugs.  Then went to the Venetian, played like 20 minutes of poker (lost $3) and headed to the Sphere for an amazing concert.  Headed back to the Cosmopolitan, met up with LA buddy at Chandelier Bar, had some drinks and then gambled a bit.  I dropped way too much money at the $25 craps tables.  My cold table strategy was not working.

Friday - Woke up, breakfast at Starbucks, then some more pool time with NJ buddy.  LA buddy arrived 11ish and we hung out for a bit before showering and heading to the Venetian to check out the free Dead Zone mini museum at the Venetian.  Set up really well with nice merchandise, photo opportunities and Grateful Dead history.  I tried to play some cards, but was coming up empty at the Venetian and Encore.  Eventually met them for lunch at Yardbird which was crazy expensive.  I had a side and a soda for $24.  Left them to head to the airport.  My flight was delayed and I hung out at the amazing Centurion lounge for my first proper meal in 2 days.

Overall it was a great time.  We all had fun even though our lifestyles in our 50's are much different from our 20's.  I am a cheapskate without refined tastes.  I don't drink anymore.  I also struggle to enjoy "hanging out" at a pool, bar, lounge, etc.  Still it was great company.  I should have made more of an effort to get to Dragon's Lair gym.  I also should have skipped craps and tried to catch a poker game at the Bellagio.  Lessons learned.

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