Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Bike to Work Day 2024

This is my second year participating in bike to work day and I enjoyed my ride quite a bit.  While only 13 miles, it took me nearly 1 hour and 30 minutes (20 minutes of which were stops).

I hit up 3 of the rest stops.  The first was on the Bear Creek Trail and was sponsored by Stantec and others.  I grabbed a breakfast burrito and had my brakes adjusted.  The second was by Colorado Barricade on the S Platte River Trail.  I grabbed some new stickers in the similar style they had last year.  Finally was the CDOT stop on the Lakewood Gulch Trail.  They ran out of food, but did have coffee.  I chatted for a bit and grabbed some stickers.

Last year the ride home was tough and I did not expect this year to be any easier.  That was certainly confirmed as the ride home is slightly uphill.  I was counting the miles and was so ready to be done.

The CDOT photographer took some good shots also.

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