Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Summer Travel

Summer started off fast with more travel than I am used to.

Scottsdale Family Reunion - May 24 - May 28 - 4 nights

New Orleans RFA - June 7 - June 8 - 1 night

Philadelphia Veena Bua - June 13 - June 14 - 1 night

Las Vegas Sphere - June 19 - June 21 - 2 nights

Columbia, MO USAWA Nationals - June 28 - July 1 - 3 nights

That is (5) round trip flights and (11) hotel nights in just over five weeks.  Three of the five trips were for fun and the remaining two were important, but not fun.

I cannot really complain.  In that same five weeks, my daughter was on the Scottsdale trip, worked for a week at the Academy in Colorado Springs, went to Sterling for a week, worked for another week in Colorado Springs, went to Guernsey, WY for a week and is now working this week.  It would be easier for her to count the nights she spent in her bed.

The rest of the summer should be relatively smooth sailing.

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