Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Collecting - Part I

As this post has been titled part I that indicates that there is more to follow. The plan is to provide an introduction into some of my collectibles. The dollar value of collectibles can vary quite a bit from match book collections to Faberge egg collections. I collect for several reasons. First, collectibles often provide a timeline of my life and my interests. Second, my acquistions often spur my interest in historic periods or various geographies. Finally, I enjoy catalouging and presentation. A collection that presents well is a join not only for the owner, but also observers.

The attached pictures show an 1822 Half Dollar coin. I was introduced to numismatics by my father who is fond of US as well as world coins. My personal interest was renewed with the introduction of the state quarter series and has been ramping up over the past year. The coin shown was designed by John Reich who joined the mint in 1806 having come to the US as an indentured servant to avoid the Napoleonic wars. This coin is catalogued in a cardboard cover and as the series is filled out I intend to move the collection to a capital plastics series holder for the years 1807-1836.

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