Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Denver Coin, Stamp and Sports Card Expo

The Denver Coin, Stamp and Sports Card Expo is one of the larger coin shows of the year and it is being held this weekend. Coin shows are a fun way to learn about coins by meeting with dealers and viewing a large number of coins.

This year I have yet to purchase anything from a coin show as my want list is getting shorter and I am more particular about the coins I include in my collection. In addition to Morgan Dollars and Capped Bust Halves, I will be looking for quarter dollars. Specifically I will be looking for seated liberty quarters from 1866 to 1891.

I would like to scrounge up some gambling chip collecting supplies as I would like to organize my Dad’s collection and preserve it for presentation in cardboard holders and plastic sleeves. I will most likely add chips from my collection as well as I have outgrown my current display case capability. While the value of the chips may not be significant it is very enjoyable for me to catalog and organize collectibles.

I may even bring my baseball card collection along in order to get a better feel for valuation of cards.

I am not interested in stamps at this time. This is partially due to the durability of stamps. It is also due to my lack of stamp knowledge. I would be more likely to start with a topical collection rather than a country or period collection.

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