Thursday, May 29, 2008


This year is marked by my 3rd wedding anniversary. As with any occasion when gift giving is involved, it is always a struggle to come up with something nice, practical, thoughtful and romantic. I am usually willing to settle for 2 out of 4. In the past I have given my wife jewelry for our first anniversary, but she didn’t get anything for our second anniversary. I feel like I owe her one.

Unfortunately, I am not flooded with gift ideas. As many of us do, I turned to the internet which told me the traditional gift is leather which is supposed to represent that couples recognize the durability of their relationship after 3 years. I can certainly attest to the sentiment. One year was quite the adjustment and year two was somewhat on auto-pilot. This past year included the birth of our daughter. As such we have grown as a couple to depend on each other more and grow above ourselves as individuals.

A leather purse or pair of gloves just doesn’t echo that sentiment. The only gift that does seem appropriate is shoes, which I have come to learn should be individually selected. If I can’t come up with a gift this year it will be tough to make it up with the 4th anniversary theme of fruits.

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