Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Swim Training

It seems that I have been hearing more and more about colleagues and family friends going under the knife to have knees and hips replaced. With my primary physical activity coming from running the past six months, I have become more interested in cross training.

I started off by dusting off my bicycle, but I became concerned about bone density and back and shoulder issues due to the fixed position. My obvious next foray was swimming which went surprisingly well last night considering it was my first time out in about 3 years. I did not swim far or fast. In total I did about 15 laps with breaks in between each one over the course of 30 minutes. Going to sleep yesterday I did notice that my back was more relaxed. Usually it pops in both directions as I settle into sleep.

I am hoping this could be the introduction to a triathlon attempt next year. While I am not committed to being a winner or competitive age grouper, I am interested in pushing myself physically a little more to lose a little weight and preserve my joints. I will admit that completing a triathlon or losing weight will both require a serious consideration of my nutrition choices in addition to diligent training.

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