Wednesday, May 07, 2008

To Grandma’s House We Go

While it is never fun to travel at the last minute, it was nice to get home and see my parents over the weekend. They were anxious to see baby and it had been a while since I made a trip back. It was unfortunate that my Dad was having some health issues, but surgery went well and recovery was progressing without major complications.

Northwest Airlines had a great fare for less travel within 10 days of purchase and there service was surprisingly good given the consolidation in the airline industry. The newest charge was $2 for snacks consisting of Pringles and trail mix. Fortunately we had cheerios, gold fish and crackers to sustain us in flight. It seems that the logistics of charging for snacks would outweigh any revenue bump or cost decrease. Further it encourages passengers to carry on more snacks increasing baggage weight. However, I know the industry is desperate and some passengers gladly incur the $5 cost for a beer or mixed drink and will fork over $5 to watch television on domestic flights.

While Grandma’s house isn’t child proof, we were able to finagle rubber bands on cabinets and other makeshift barriers to baby injury. It was a lot of fun to pull out the old tea sets and stuffed animals. A nice trip down memory lane combined with new-to-her toys for baby. We also had a nice time taking walks as the weather was excellent. Baby is at an age now where she is less anxious around new people and just wants to explore her surroundings and capability. Also compared to Thanksgiving, we were not dealing with a crowded house.

It was too bad that Mom couldn’t come as she had professional obligations overlapping with the weekend trip. Baby did not seem too out of sorts, but she was certainly excited to see Mom when we arrived back home.

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