Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sex and the City

As a married man obligated to take my thirty something wife to see Sex and the City, I felt it important that I make a blog post. As a preface, I must admit that I have eclectic tastes in movies spanning the gamut from teen movies and romantic comedies to action-adventure and thrillers. Further I have seen episodes of the HBO original series. I occasionally had access to HBO and may have seen 50% of the episodes in no particular order.

I felt like the movie was very well done and consistent with the series. As the series premiered in 1998 and ran through 2004, it is interesting to understand the demographic shift of the core viewers who are now 10 years older and in their forties.

As the series did, the movie broached universal topics such as the search for love, acceptance and understanding. Also being a sitcom, it presented these topics with a lighthearted slant. Finally being based on an HBO series and classified as an R rated film, it provided just enough adult content to keep things interesting.

The plot itself was carefully constructed to provide sufficient drama and dispense with superfluous twists. The acting was great as it was the original cast who proved to be incredibly fit for being 10 years older. Overall it was very entertaining and tied off very neatly to avoid a sequel within the next 4 years.

My prediction is that a sequels will be made with one (Miranda) or two (add Charlotte) of the foursome who will present their family lives. The first sequel will have marginal success and the second will fall flat as nobody will wait for a script worth producing.

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