Monday, June 09, 2008

Training Log

I am considering turning a new leaf and using this blog as a platform for a training log and discussion forum. I had a good week as follows (click for larger image):

I plan on starting to track my progress on I have attempted to use paper logs in the past, but this is my most recent entry into serious training so I am looking forward to using technology and well as physical and mental stamina.

Overall it was a great first week of swimming. I am gaining some confidence and in another month, I am looking forward to doing some open water swimming. The Meyers pool is very convenient and reasonably priced at $3.50/resident visit. If I keep up the training pace I will consider a punch card.

Running was par for the course as I usually average 3 days/week. I don’t count the Thursday treadmill day. Cycling was a little weak as I would usually like to get out one day during the week as well. It was a busier week with dinner out on Thursday and a casino trip on Friday.

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