Thursday, August 07, 2008

Chef’s Kitchen

While I am a far cry away from claiming to be a chef or even fond of cooking, my recent ankle issues have created a wealth of time for other pursuits. Cooking recently floated to the top as my current hot hobby. Unfortunately every hobby starts out with buying stuff. This journey has been no different. I recently picked up a toaster over sized Pyrex dish from Linen’s-n-Things and ordered my highly researched kitchen scale from Amazon. The only remaining items are a high end chef’s knife and paring knife.

So far I have only used the kitchen scale to weigh out lunchmeat and potato chips as part of my nutritional analysis. I am very pleased with the scale, which lacks the aesthetics of the models carried by department stores and specialty stores. It makes up for its industrial plastic finish, with large buttons, clear display and ease of cleanup. I realized this after splashing melon juice on it.

The recipes have been pretty easy to come by thanks to the internet. I have been searching based on what I intend to cook and what we have at home already. Ethnic dishes are tougher so I haven’t entered that world yet.

The more interesting point is that in organizing the cutlery, cook ware and appliances, I realized that we have nearly everything I would think of in a very good quality. This is the result of my wife and I consolidating our single person’s kitchen and receiving generous wedding presents from our friends.

The layout of our kitchen poses a few challenges as a residential kitchen is much different from a commercial kitchen. Nothing is in plain view and counter space is haphazard at best. The space is more than sufficient for the three of us and will grow more functional with increased usage. Less frequently used items will self select towards hard to reach shelves and oft used items will gain drawer space or possibly coveted counter space.

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