Monday, April 27, 2009

House Guest

I had the pleasure of having an old friend come through town this weekend. It is not often that we have non-family guests so it was nice to change up the family dynamic and have something to look forward to for the weekend. Our plans were pretty loose and only included dinner on Friday night and doing some cycling over the weekend.

As it turned out we only got one ride in but in, but he was able to stay for dinner both nights and we all enjoyed a relaxing low key weekend. It is always interesting for me to be a tourist where I live as visitors have different things that they would like to see and do. I was able to explore some neighborhoods I have never paid attention to. As my friend is an avid triathlete, it was also a kick to discuss training and racing and to get some free tips in the pool.

We also had folks over to see the baby on Saturday which always surprises me. Maybe people see it as an obligation, but for my wife and I the stress of child rearing more often trumps how peaceful and happy babies can be sometimes. Usually expectations are low and folks are satisfied with appetizers and pizza.

The finale for the weekend was the start of softball season. We lost the first game and I did not play the second game. On the day, I went 0 for 2, with a fly ball to left center and a line drive right to third base. I could not even make up for it with spectacular plays in the field.

The surprising gem was finding a bike brand that I am kind of excited about. I borrowed a Quattro Assi for the weekend and was pleased with the workmanship and handling. To my surprise the bikes are reasonably priced and sold out of Driftwood, TX about 30 minutes from Austin. Instead of paying $2000 for a new bike, I should be able to build up a Quattro Assi at a substantial discount and have something a little more unique instead of joining the ranks of the ubiquitous Cervelo, Felt and Specialized bikes all over the roads.

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