Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Whenever I find myself with extra time on my hands, I usually find myself shopping. Keep in mind that right now I don’t need anything and don’t particularly want that many items either. Certainly there are no items that currently create a lifestyle impact.

My want list currently is focused on sports equipment. The only definite purchase I have for the year is a wetsuit for open water swimming/triathlons. Even this piece of equipment I could rent, but going forward I would like to own a wetsuit in order to take part in some multi-sport events without the excuse of needing to rent a piece of equipment. This is relatively inexpensive and should be under $200.

Other items are in the bicycling world. I have been contemplating a new bicycle purchase for the past year. I am constantly shifting between a time trial bike, a cyclo-cross bike and a standard road bike. I have similarly been considering steel, titanium and carbon. I am feeling more comfortable with buying a time trial frame and then building the bike up at the local bike shop. However, I know that a new bike will not change my fitness or enjoyment. In the same manner I have been researching power meters and racing wheels. These are great tools for training and racing, but the costs are excessive for someone who rides less than 50 miles/week.

Finally the old standby for me is collectibles. The Denver Coin Show is coming up and I will again peruse the market for coins that I have been interested in. I think the watch I was considering is safely on the back burner as I don’t want to commit the time to take care of it.

It is interesting that finances are not playing a role in delaying a purchase. I have already been green lighted by my spouse on the new bicycle last fall and I just didn’t pull the trigger. Similarly I have not been engaging in my other money sucking hobby (poker), and right now the budget is comfortably in the black.

Lastly there are some odds and ends household items that I continue to peek at, but haven’t bought for whatever reason. I have been looking at knife sharpeners and tomato knives. Neither is expensive, but I have not been in the kitchen much and haven’t felt the need to make these purchases.

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