Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the busiest restaurant day of the year. When I was working in the restaurant business, Mother’s Day was a mandatory work day and they food set up so that you could eat while working as nobody got normal breaks that day.

I realize now that eateries are slammed, because it is reasonably convenient gift that Mom appreciates. From a historic perspective, Mom does not have to cook. While home responsibilities are no longer defined by gender it is still nice to not have to cook or clean up. Also it seems that few Moms want or need stuff. They just want their kids to be healthy (eat and sleep well) and grow into responsible adults. That does not mean that Mom does not want to feel special for the day, ergo let’s take Mom out for lunch.

My wife is now Mother to two little ones and I would like to do something double special relative to last year. Last year was a clothing gift and card. Somehow two articles of clothing and two cards don’t seem like that will do the trick. I do have a couple of days, but with work, errands and family life I will have to be pretty ingenious to come up with something for Sunday.

I guess fortunately for me, my Father wasn’t the most creative man in the world. As a result, my Mom usually buys herself something nice and my sister’s and I will contribute to the cause. This year my Mom got a blanket. I do remember when we were little we would go to Walgreen’s or where ever with my Dad and we would buy candles and other non-sense if we had not already made something in school. There is a certain charm to attaching some ritual and activities for all occasions.

For my wife and my Mother, Happy Mother’s Day.

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