Friday, May 01, 2009

Retrocalcaneal Bursitis

What is that pain on the back of my heel? It feels like a blister, but it is firm. Ouch, it hurts when I push on it. Maybe if I massage it, it will go away.

After having these thoughts waking up in the morning, I painfully put my right shoe on and headed into work. The concern I had was whether or not I should go running this evening.

My wait and see approach, quickly went to a wait approach as I think I have bursitis. I have been walking more, but I did not ramp up my running much. I went from nothing to 2 runs earlier this week and a bike ride on Wednesday. My rest day was swimming yesterday and I woke up with this thing. I am hoping it is just the old shoes that I wear to the pool. Maybe the wearing padding was enough to do me in. I plan to inspect, and most likely discard the shoes this evening and will see how things go.

The upside is that I am not limping and am aware enough to not do anything stupid like aggravate it further. I quick search tells me this is not an injury to run through. However, I have not felt the need to run through an injury in a long time. Ah the joys of getting older.

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