Monday, November 30, 2009

Donnie Darko

Well I was tipped off to the movie Donnie Darko by where it was ranked 10th. I had already viewed the other movies in the top 10 and agreed that all of the films were certainly quality movies. I was not disappointed. The premise is based on the life of a troubled teenager during the month of October 1988. His life circumstances are a combination of funny and poignant. These circumstances run the gamut of relationships with his parents and fellow classmates to rebelling against authority. The secondary characters are equally vivid with the self-help guru, the crazy old lady and the overzealous parent. Finally to satisfy my inner geek, there is some science fiction thrown in.

It is a difficult movie to review without spoiling the film for the uninitiated. Suffice it to say that it is a very interesting and compelling movie, but not one that would appeal to general audiences. If you are a fan of psychological thrillers and can handle being left with a feeling of “what just happened” afterwards, give it a view and you will not be disappointed. If however you are more drawn towards romantic comedies and or predictable film, this is not for you.

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