Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Fantasy Football

Well it is playoff time for fantasy football and my dismal 5-7 season depends on a win next week to enter the playoffs with the #6 seed. I feel like I drafted pretty well, but could not manage to follow the football season. Usually my Mother-in-Law having the games on makes a difference. This season it has not made a difference. Even when I have had key players going into Monday night, I fail to remember their uniform numbers and follow each play.

I typically manage to do OK just via dumb luck. This season dumb luck has taken a turn for the worse and I have left a lot of points on the bench which could have put me at 7-5 with a lock on the playoffs. Entering the playoffs is no guarantee of a top three finish. There are 2 key teams which I have not put up points to play on the same field with. Third place is just a token send off.

At any rate it is always fun to participate. Looking back, I am just glad to be healthy as my arm was beginning its disastrous journey through a gout attack as the season started. I really appreciate having all of my joints intact and can’t complain about having some sniffles right now. It is a good reminder to maintain an even keel and work towards consistent lifestyle changes towards a healthy mind and body.

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