Friday, March 19, 2010

Family Friday

It has been an interesting week for the family given the start of Daylight Savings Time. Losing an hour of sunlight in the morning has everybody sleeping in. Similarly the extra hour at night means that we are out at the park or running errands later than usual. The sleep challenge has been particularly troublesome. It should be easier to re-establish 6:00 PM dinner and 7:30 PM bath regardless of how much daylight we have.

Daycare has been tough also. My wife worked from home Monday and kept Nisha at home. On this Monday she also dropped off Diya which was an ordeal in itself. Tuesday & Wednesday went without incident as I picked up and dropped off both girls. Thursday was another challenge as my wife kept both girls at home and I ended up working late. Friday was the grand finale with the snow storm. I dropped off both in the morning and was late getting to work. My wife graciously was able to pick up as I will be working late again.

Dinner has fortunately been pretty easy. Monday we had catered Indian food. Tuesday we went to Red Robin. Wednesday we had leftovers. Thursday we had Qdoba. Friday feels like leftovers, but I might end up making some soup also.

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