Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hobbies Thursday - Coin Collecting

This morning, my wife let me know that the U.S. Mint announced the designs for the next series of quarter dollars minted under “America’s Beautiful National Parks Quarter Dollar Series Act of 2008.” My Father collected proof as well as uncirculated coin sets. I renewed my interest in collecting with the state quarter dollars program and have those proof sets. My wife has rarely showed an interest in numismatics, but is usually pretty supportive of me ordering sets through the mail and picking up an occasional coin at local coin shows.

Collecting coins is interesting as coins and stamps are rarely displayed attractively for regular viewing. Proof sets in particular show up once a year and I spend about 10 minutes examining the coins before they get placed into storage. The $30 expense doesn’t add much value to my life. At the same time it is not particularly expensive. It is even less expensive when one considers that all of the sets can be sold at coin shows at or slightly above cost. Some series even jump in value based on scarcity.

I don’t kid myself into thinking that one day my collection will be a treasure trove for Diya or Nisha. However, I do think that coinage is inherently attractive. Collecting samples directly from the mint is a fun way for me to stay involved in coin collecting.

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