Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Crud

I have the crud. Usually when daycare daughter or wife brings something home, I feel like I catch it about 30%-40% of the time. It is really nice to be spared. This time I was not so lucky and there is a pox on our house. Daycare daughter was feverish last week Friday and she graduated to the dry hacking cough by Tuesday. Baby daughter got the fever which broke on Monday, but has a runny nose. Wife got hit the hardest with fatigue, coughing, and general malaise.

My own illness has been relatively minor. I swam yesterday morning and was somewhat short of breath. By the afternoon I felt the congestion in my chest and knew that I needed to rest. Today I have woken up with a productive cough which means that I will be resting instead of training for at least a few more days. This is probably a good pause anyway as I have been over the top the past couple of weeks.

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